Over time, plastic light enclosures can become discolored, foggy, scratched, yellowed and seemingly destroyed by the harmful effects of daily driving and your cars age. Did you know that all these factors can reduce your night vision driving by as much as 90%? The solution – Guaranteed Headlight Restoration!

Headlight Restoration Idaho Falls

How does a headlight become damaged?

Acid rain, humidity, insects, road chemicals, road debris, road salt and the sunlight will result in the discoloration of headlights.

How does the damage affect the headlight?

The damage diminishes the headlight’s ability to project its beam of light during severe weather conditions and at night.

Why should a headlight be restored?

The restoration eliminates costly replacements, enhances the appearance, and increases resale value of any vehicle.

Will the Headlight Restoration Idaho Falls improve visibility while driving at night?

Yes. Driving with cloudy or discolored lenses reduces the lenses ability to project light, which is a safety hazard. Restoring your lenses should drastically improve your nighttime visibility.

Benefits of Headlight Restoration:

  • Drastically improves your driving visibility making it much safer to drive at night.
  • Enhances the appearance of your vehicle.
  • Increases the resale value of any vehicles.
  • Eliminates costly replacements.
  • Prevents unnecessary disposal of headlights currently going into landfills, making it environmentally friendly.

Discolored headlights could cost you as much as $500/headlight or more. At Robinson, we can restore them like new for only $129!

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